Published On: August 31, 2021

I was supposed to be out taking pictures of the foxes, but I got a little distracted. I suspect you understand! But since I did, let’s do a rundown of where we are with the hats.⁠

A couple of weeks ago, I showed a picture of a pointy hats. I hadn’t planned to do a pattern, because they are ridiculous, even by my standards. But folks were vocal in their requests for them, so I tried a thing.⁠

I set up a one time only mailing list (meaning I’m going to send One Single Email to it then delete it forever) just for folks who truly plan to buy the hat pattern if I make it, and said if enough folks signed up, I’d do it. And enough of you did! So I am currently neck deep in tiny hats and waiting for pumpkins so I can do proper photo shoots. ⁠

I also figured out a fun little nifty extra to do just for folks who signed up for the spiffy mailing list, sort of to say thank you for helping me test out new ideas. This will likely be one of the last times I mention the super secret (not so secret) list, because I do want to keep it as something fun just for the folks who have been here since the beginning of this one, so if you want to sign up for it, this is the time.⁠

The pattern is due out in late September. The next thing to come out will be the foxes, then the hats are up after that. They only take a day or two to knit, and my goal is to have them out more than a month before Halloween, so you should have lots of time.⁠

You can make them with pretty much any smooth yarn, fingering weight up through bulky. They’ll come in several sizes, though they are all decoration sizes, not wearable sizes (that turns it into an engineering project, so I’m officially not doing it, though of course you can experiment on your own). And I’ll include several variations to play with.⁠

And in the meantime, if you need it, the owl is Tufted and it’s out on ravelry and payhip already!

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