Published On: August 30, 2021

We all know I’m not a sweater knitter.  Sweater wearer yes, sweater knitter no.  And while I have no desire to knit my own sweaters, I do occasionally want to, shall we say customize, the cozy, comfy, easy, store-bought sweaters I wear so often.

It started with mending, because why not fix what you have if you can.  Then it moved on to things like adjusting the band at the bottom of a sweater (the band that causes a sweater to draw in at precisely the point my body flares out, the appeal of which I will never understand) or changing the neckline on a sweater that didn’t quite hit where I wanted it to. And really, that one sweater I’ve been stitching flowers on for five years now is precariously close to doodling already.

So I finally decided to just intentionally put ridiculous stuff all over a couple of the current favorites, just to see what I could do.  The one I just mended and adjusted seemed like the obvious place to start.  And I suspect this is going to be rather habit forming.

Stay tuned…


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