Early days
Published On: October 14, 2021

So, I’m going to show you this project a little sooner than I usually would, because there’s going to be a point in the project where at least some of you are going to go I Want To Make That, and I want to give you time to get the fancy pants magic yarn in time for the pattern to come out.⁠

And we’ll talk about that at some length when that time gets closer. I super duper promise we will. But we’re not there quite yet (but seriously, go start lowkey haunting Gauge Dye Works‘ page so you hear when we finalize our sneaky plans).⁠

So right now I’ll just say ‘oh look, a hat brim’ and then go back to knitting. Because I know where this is going, and I just want to knit and knit and knit and not do anything else at all until it’s done.

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