Just wait, it’s coming
Published On: October 18, 2021

This? Um, I fully realize it doesn’t necessarily look like it quiet yet, but this is the most joyful thing I’ve knit in quite some time. Because you see, we’re just about to the spot where the yarn starts doing Secret Fancy Tricks. And once the yarn starts doing Secret Fancy Tricks, then I start following you around like a six year old with an art project going look what I did, look what I did. Because wow is it about to do cool things. ⁠

Sit tight…lemme do a tiny bit more then I’ll show you how it works!⁠

Yarn is from Gauge Dye Works for a super secret (I mean…ish…it’s not all that secret if you’re posting about it online) project. And someone always asks, so the needles are super duper long dpns (like 12ish inches) that I love dearly but, alas, cannot point you to a reliable online source for because they’re just damn hard to find. But if you’re generally a fan of dpns, I recommend trying out the long ones if you ever get the chance, they’re great for hats/cowls.

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