Published On: November 1, 2021

Ahem. So, that hat? That extremely mellow hat I’ve been happily working away on? The first project EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TIME where I haven’t really minded the big stretches of stockinette (look, I have a short attention span, stockinette does not always hold my focus)? Uh huh, well here’s why I love it.

When you come to the tiny stretches of color, you stop knitting stockinette and instead you Do A Fancy Thing! Just right there. In the middle of that vast field of plain stitches. You don’t count. You don’t follow a chart. You just notice ‘oh, hey, my yarn changed color, time to do the nifty bit’ and then you do it (and it’s absurdly fun).

It’s sort of like breaking into song and dance in the grocery store, except no one will look at you funny and you almost certainly won’t knock over a display of tinned peas.

The yarn is the magic of the folks over at Gauge Dyeworks. And we will both tell you more about how you can get it and the pattern when we get closer to time, but meanwhile you can do yourself a favor and either go start quietly obsessing over them on instagram or even get on their mailing list.

Now, I have to go do the minimum necessary amount of grownup work so I can go finish this, because my goodness but I want to keep going.

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