As promised
Published On: November 30, 2021

Ahem. See? See I told you it was unspeakably nifty. ⁠

And I mean yes, it will be Even More unspeakably nifty once I’ve blocked it and fiddled with it a little bit, but that’s totally normal and absolutely to be expected. I’ve yet to meet knitting that didn’t benefit from a bit of a soak and primp.⁠ But wow is this enough to prove that good things are on the way!⁠

As always, yes it totally will be a pattern. But first…first I need to see about willing a couple of other variations of this hat into being…because options are always fun and I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. ⁠

Yarn is from Gauge Dye Works, and they’ve got a signup page up if you want to hear when this is all ready.  Which really, I suspect you do!

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