Happy buttons
Published On: November 29, 2021

This project is hitting every single happy button in my brain.⁠

It’s mellow enough that I do not have to think about it at all. It’s pretty enough that I love it. And it’s forcing me to accept randomness and eschew structure in a way that feels somehow…beneficial, without actually throwing my tidy little order muppet soul into too much distress. ⁠

Which really, is a lot to get out of a hat!⁠

This will be one of the first patterns that comes out in the new year, but I can’t tell you exactly when (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but things are chaotic and weird in the world as a whole, and it feels wildly optimistic to announce things with too much certainty right this minute). Make sure you’re on the mailing list if you want to be sure to catch it (and, you know, I’ll natter about it here quite a bit more between now and then too). ⁠

Yarn is from Gaugedyeworks, and I highly suggest keeping an eye on them so you’ll know when you can get this awesome yarn (we’re working out details, but as soon as we have a plan, we’ll both totally let you know).⁠

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to spend some time with this hat…

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