And finally
Published On: January 12, 2022

And finally, Berroco’s Mochi in color 3225. ⁠

This one is a slightly different structure than the other two. Instead of being a plied yarn with bits of colorful fluff caught in the twist of the yarn, it’s a tube with bits of fluff blown in (mostly gray, a few colorful). ⁠

I’ve used yarn of this sort before (the Inklings and Intimations hat and mitt set used it, and they’ve become one of the household’s most reached for sets of woollies, so I know I like it). I’ve just not used it for cables before, so I’ll be interested to see how they look after blocking. ⁠

Again, I suspect any of these yarns would work great, this is just me being alarmingly thorough (cough, indecisive, cough) and seeing which one calls to me the loudest!

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