Published On: January 13, 2022

So here we are, all unblocked. That’s Hedgehog Fibres on the top left, La Bien Aimée on the bottom left, and Berroco on the right.⁠

I have some suspicions about which one I’ll pick, but until they’re blocked, that’s really all they are. Because I have a feeling all three of these are going to look quite a bit different after I block them.⁠

So, I’ll bind them off (but not break the yarn), toss them in the sink for half an hour or so (to let them get really really really soaked all the way through), then fish them out, squeeze them a bit to get most of the water out, and lay them flat on a towel to dry.⁠

No pins. No stretching. Nothing complicated, just lightly pushed more or less straight and patted down a bit and left alone.⁠

Once they’re dry, I’ll see how they look (and yes, yes I’ll come back with a picture) and decide which one I want. ⁠

Then I’ll rip them and deal with the yarn kinks (we’ll talk about that when I get there). ⁠

But no yarn is wasted, and I’ll have a much better idea of how the finished fabric will look and feel.

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