Too many?
Published On: February 13, 2022

So, um, how many hearts is too many? Asking for a me. ⁠⁠

To be fair, I’m pretty sure I’ve mailed off or handed out about as many as I have here over the years. And they seem to be generally well received (that, or a lot of folks are secretly real damn mad at me, so hopefully I’ve not gotten that one wrong). So I like to have a small supply on hand for when someone seems like they might be in need of one.⁠

Lately I find myself especially drawn to the tiny ones, which take about two dozen yards of yarn and one long tv show to bang out and which fit in a card and go in the mail no problem (though check, they might need an extra stamp).⁠

Tag me in your pictures of hearts, I totally want to see them!⁠

Pattern is Palpitation, and you’ve got one more day to use the code HEARTS on ravelry or payhip to grab it on sale!

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