Published On: March 8, 2022

First things first, this hat is out today. It’s called Decorum. And you can take 10% off with the code WELL BEHAVED.

Now, for the fun bits!

You absolutely do not have to wear it with the points up. You can, in fact, tuck those points in with two fingers and about five seconds of fiddling.

And I will totally also show you how it looks with the points tucked in (all sculptural and smooth and like something a respectable grownup would wear)! But I? Well I fear I may be inclined to wear it with the points out. Because oh my goodness is it cute that way! And looking like a respectable grownup is somewhat over rated.

But looking like you might actually be a slightly feral goblin in a respectable grownup suit? Well that…that is what we need more of in our lives.

Once again, the pattern is Decorum. It’s on ravelry and payhip. The code WELL BEHAVED will take 10% off for the first day or two the pattern is out. And the goblin vibes are totally optional. I mean encouraged! But optional.

Now…who’s brave enough to wear it with me?

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