The Thing
Published On: March 11, 2022

My brain is doing the thing. The thing where it finds a little nugget of an idea and then spins around with it for a while like a tiny little cyclone and nothing else happens for a while until either the idea plays itself out or something else comes along to distract me.

And sometimes this is fun! This is how literally every big project I’ve ever done has started! The whirring feeling of I Have An IDEA is really quite delicious.

And sometimes it’s annoying as hell and I cannot get any actual work done until the idea sputters out and leaves me with enough attention to do…um…anything else.

And I can never ever ever tell whether it’s going to be the good kind of ride or the bad kind of ride until after the fact.

So, this is *either* the first glimmer of something that will be a massive obsession for the foreseeable future (right up until it isn’t any more, at which point I will have no interest in it whatsoever), OR just possibly the start of a nice, normal, regular sized project that I’ll spend a normal amount of time on like a normal fucking human (this one right here is the best case scenario), OR something I’ll be obsessed with for about four days and then abandon when The Next Shiny Idea comes hurtling at me like an owl swooping down upon a mouse from out of a moonless night sky.

Only time will tell.

Nods to all my fellow ADHD folks and everyone else whose brains just work like this. I see you, and I’m damn proud of you if you managed to cook a meal, do a load of laundry, get your cat to the vet on time, or do whatever your official job is while in the grip of your most recent obsession. I know precisely how hard that is!

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