Quick reminder
Published On: March 16, 2022

This is your reminder that, one next week, I’ll be sending the mailing list info on how to get the mitts for free if you’ve knit the matching hat!⁠

All the details are over here, but the short version works like this. When I write to the mailing list to let them know the mitts are out, I’ll have a link in that email to a little form you can fill out.⁠

If you fill out that form with your email address and a link to where you shared a picture of your hat on either ravelry or instagram, I’ll zap the mitt pattern your way. ⁠

Should be very very very mellow. We’re alllllll going to be very chill. This is something new I’m trying, which means it’s got a couple of manual pieces, and so we will all be treating this as though One Real Human Person Who Needs To Eat And Sleep And Has Feelings is running things (because it’s true! I am that one real human person! And I can attest that I need to eat and sleep and my god but do I ever have feelings!). ⁠

But consider this your reminder to get your hat finished up and shared sometime in the next week so you’ll be ready when the mitts come out!

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