Ideas vs motivation
Published On: March 15, 2022

I’m firmly in the ‘more ideas than motivation’ stage of things right now. ⁠

⁠Which is both super fun…⁠Because running around going ‘*I* *have* *an* *IDEEEEAAAAA*’ is really kind of delightful!⁠

And super damn overwhelming…Because I know each of these ideas could turn into something amazing if only I had the energy, organizational skills, and general drive to do the massive amount of work that stands between idea and a really cool finished project.

But wow do I have more ideas than I do focus.⁠

So for now, for now I’m fiddling around with a whole bunch of different things, waiting to see which one grabs me by the throat and holds on long enough that I have no choice but to do something with it. ⁠

Which one that will be is anyone’s guess, I’ve got four different marching bands tromping thorough my head right now. All we can do is wait to see which one takes over.⁠

Which is my long way of saying you can expect to see a lot of swatches and a lot of half formed ideas over the next little while.⁠

It’s also my long way of saying that any sort of ‘will it be a pattern’ / ‘how’d you do that’ / ‘what yarn is that’ questions will be met with a completely blank stare, one shouldered shrug, and light ‘hmmmmm, dunno’ sound at best. The part part of my brain that keeps track of that stuff is on vacation this month.⁠

The part of my brain that runs around dumping glitter and and pinecones and confetti and sprinkles and pebbles out on the floor and swirls them around with a stick until I get bored and need a snack and a nap is in charge right now.⁠

I’m going to let it do its thing. We can clean up the mess later.

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