But wait, there’s more
Published On: March 28, 2022

So, here’s the thing. That hat and mitts? That fully finished, 100% complete, all the way done hat and mitts I showed you last time?⁠

The weren’t the only thing lurking in the depths of the bin. ⁠

There was also a second, functionally identical, hat very nearly finished. (And yes, I realize that they’re both in light purple speckled yarns, which makes them a bit hard to tell apart…I’ll see what yarn info I can dig up later in this saga, but that’s not happening right now. Right now I’m confessing my sins so I can get this years overdue library book of a project out of my brain and out into the world, so bear with me.)⁠

And here’s the thing. A further scrabble through my hard drive revealed I started this hat, the second of its kind in…late December of 2019.⁠

Now from what I can tell, late December of 2019 (which had a few personal bits of catastrophe sprinkled about) was followed by early 2020. And early 2020 was one giant build up of dread and looming menace and incipient worldwide catastrophe (nicely accented by my own personal bits of catastrophe, just for flavor and spice you understand). ⁠

And I have absolutely no memory of knitting this. ⁠

None. ⁠

Zero. ⁠

The only way I know when I knit is is the timestamps on photos of its early stages. But the evidence clearly suggests that I did knit it. And then threw it back in the closet.⁠

As you do. ⁠

Oh but wait…this is not the end. This project came back from the dead more times than the monster in a cheesy horror movie. Which is where we’ll pick up next time!⁠

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