Published On: April 19, 2022

Ok folks, my yarn recall is…well…my yarn recall is spotty, but my past blog archives are extensive! And I have a Whole Damn Bunch of old emails loitering about in old folders in the depths of my hard drive. And between them, I’ve managed to track down this yarn.⁠

Looks like it’s Squish DK by Spun Right Round in the color Spellbound. Now, once again, I. Knit. These. Five. Freaking. Years. Ago. So I have precisely zeeeero idea if that color is still around.⁠

But that will not stop me from being smug for having dug up the order email from more than half a decade ago. ⁠

Once again, for anyone just tuning into the saga, these are the hat and mitts I knit, then abandoned, then found, then knit again, then abandoned again, then found again, and have now written up (pattern is being edited as we speak) and photographed (that’s them in the beach pictures from the other day) and which will be out…next.⁠

Now, as for when ‘next’ is? Eh. These things are fluid these days for life is complicated and schedules feel shockingly oppressive. My best guess is they’ll be May’s patterns.⁠

As always, the best way to hear when stuff comes out is to be on the mailing list (I’m fond of you, I am, but I absolutely cannot make instagram or twitter or ravelry show you my posts, we are at the mercy of their shockingly mercurial whims, but I can pretty much promise that I send an email to the mailing list when a new pattern comes out). You can do that by clicking here and filling out the mailing list signup thing. Which I feel bad saying over and over again! But I get at least a few emails a week asking how to do it (and a non-trivial part of my work time is spent on making questions I get asked over and over again happen less frequently), so apparently I do actually sort of need to do that.

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