Published On: April 20, 2022

Oh, oh there we go. That’s the creamy, dreamy, ever so slightly steamy vibe I was going for.

So, as a reminder, this bit of knitting is going to be a canvas on which to embroider a whole heaping stack of fancy business. Which means that, to a far greater degree than usual, I want the knitting to be the background, not the focus.

I wanted something with great stitch definition (so I can easily see exactly where I’m sticking my needle as I sew) and fairly big stitches (because the size of my knit stitches will be the thing that determines how big the embroidery is).

A quick stash toss helped me settle on @woolfolk_yarn’s Luft in L1, and it’s perfect for the job.

It’s marvelously thick. The whole hat is only 80 stitches around, which is good, because my attention span is short, especially for stockinette.

But it’s also lightweight. You get 109 yards per 50 grams. The bulky single I was looking at as another option clocks in at 33 yards per 50 grams. Which means the finished hat would weigh more than three times as much if I knit it with the single than it will when I knit it with this yarn.

And the chainette construction means you get a very very very smooth surface on your fabric. There aren’t plies in chainette yarn, so you don’t have the slight ridges and shadows you get with plied yarn. And admittedly it’s a subtle difference! But I rally do feel like it sort of turns the visual clutter down a notch when you’re dealing with a whole bunch of stockinette, and that’s what I wanted here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I just have to bring myself to knit A Whole Damn Bunch of stockinette (yes, I know, it’s just a hat, and some of you knit whole sweater bodies of stockinette, but I am not you and I know my limitations). Then…then we’ll doodle on it.

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