Published On: April 21, 2022

One of these days…one of these days I really want to do a project where I get like a dozen different worsted weight yarns, send them to a dozen different sample knitters, say ‘knit me a tube with x/y/z stitches, put a/b/c ribbing on the bottom bit, then knit stockinette in a tube for 8-9 inches, and mail it back to me.

Then I’ll do a dozen different hat crowns.

Not even fancy, intricate ones where you carefully work the decreases into the existing stitch pattern. Just basic ones where you work on a field of stockinette and make it do Lovely Things In A Satisfyingly Orderly Fashion.

Because it really is deeply, viscerally satisfying when it all lines up just so and you bring a tiny spike of order to this chaotic world.

The trouble is that would be A Whole Big Project, and I’m fairly sure no one wants, needs, or would buy that. No matter how much the part of my soul that lines the books on my bookcase up with a ruler longs to do it.

So I shall have to let my good sense prevail and simply content myself with showing off the occasional bit of pretty. But wow does it sound fun!

(This is the crown of the long delayed and now imminent hat, which should be out next, do the mailing list thing if you want to hear when it comes out.)

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