I am pro abortion
Published On: May 3, 2022

This is your occasional reminder that I am pro abortion. Not just pro choice (though yes, of course, that too). Pro abortion. Because the alternatives are ghastly.

And if that’s a problem for you, I cordially invite you to see yourself out. (I know most of you are well aware and in full agreement.)

Meanwhile, may I suggest that if you can, you donate to your local abortion fund or to one in an area you care about? I’ve linked to an organization that lets you find resources in your area that could very much use your help.

Sending money to Planned Parenthood and NARAL is great. But sometimes what someone really needs is money for a hotel room (because some inane waiting period policy means they have to stay out of town overnight) or child care to watch their kids while they’re at the doctor or some way to buy groceries when they’re off work for a few days. And the groups linked there do that work and do it well.

And finding some tiny, concrete way to help can make you feel a little bit less awful when the world is scary.

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