I don’t know how
Published On: May 5, 2022

Folks I’m going to be honest with you. I do not know how to Do A Capitalism under these circumstances.

Everyone I know enough to like & give a crap about is walking around exhausted & shell shocked & just completely out of reserves.

And yet, we still need to get groceries & cook dinner & do the dishes.

We’re watching our national hatred of women get cast into laws that will ruin lives & get people killed. (And yes, it’s not only women who can get pregnant or need abortions. I use that language because I promise you, the people passing these laws consider everyone who can get pregnant a woman. And they hate everyone they consider a woman.)

And yet, we still need to rewash that load of clothes we left in the washer yesterday & get the winter sweaters washed & put away, & we should probably figure out why the dryer is making that funny noise when we dry the bath mats.

We’re watching our planet die in terrible & predictable ways. And we know worse is coming.

And yet, we need to take the cat to the vet & order more of the special cat food & probably change out the litter boxes soon.

We’re watching (or, for some of us, living through) an actual literal war. It’s brutal & heartbreaking & unspeakably cruel.

And yet, someone has to call the mechanic because the tire has a slow leak & the tail light is cracked.

We’re watching a pandemic kill millions of people & disable millions more (while our health care system, which large numbers of folks already can’t access because of our fucked up insurance system, falls apart) in large part because most members of our society can’t be bothered to do literally anything to take care of others, not even wear a mask.

And yet, we’re supposed to carry on with work like nothing is happening.

And I don’t know how.

But still I long to make things. Because soothes my mind when things are awful. And because it’s my job, & I have to do my job to live.

So I keep making things & showing them to you. But oh it feels so very very strange.

So, this is what happens when Little Skein Anne sends you some gorgeous yarn & you play with it like crayons. It’s helped a lot over the last few horrid days. We’ll see more of it soon.

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