Published On: May 7, 2022

Pssst, the first of these two patterns is scheduled to come out Tuesday (you know, assuming the world doesn’t do one of those things where the news or a more personal catastrophe makes it just too fundamentally awful to even think about bringing out something as inconsequential as a knitting pattern that day, which sure does seem to happen a lot these days).⁠

Each piece (so the hat or the pair of mitts) uses most of a 100 gram skein of yarn. So if you want to have a matching set, you’ll probably need two skeins (you might possibly be able to squeak the smallest sizes out of one very large skein of lighter yarn, but you’ll be stressed about it the whole time, and who has the energy for that right now).⁠

I made mine in DK weight yarns, but the pattern will work at a bunch of different gauges, so you can really use most anything from a substantial fingering weight up through a worsted weight and you’ll be covered.⁠

As always, mailing list folks will get a discount when the pattern goes out. If you’re not on the mailing list and want to be, head over here and sign yourself up (sorry, but the rules around mailing lists are, um, intense, so you do need to sign yourself up, not ask me to do it for you).⁠

Here’s hoping we make it to Tuesday without an exciting new crisis.

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