I wonder what happens if…
Published On: May 6, 2022

See, this is the sort of stuff I love to play with.

The hat with the embroidery on it from a few days ago (scroll back a bit if you didn’t see it, it’s rather smashing)? Yeah, each one of the columns of embroidery in that uses two strands of yarn. Meaning you can use two colors (or two strands of the same color if that’s more your jam.

But…well…I couldn’t think of any functional reason you couldn’t do that with four colors (cough, or any even number of colors when you come right down to it, she said, in what will prove to be foreshadowing if you come back over the next few days).

It’s just a matter of do I have the time/materials/brain space to explore those ideas, or do I feel like I need to hurl the pattern for the two color version out into the void as quickly & efficiently as possible then move on to the next thing & grind it out as quickly as possible then move on to the next thing. Because hurling things out as quickly & efficiently as possible makes it so this is (just barely) a feasible job…but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for exploring.

And that’s actually what I’m hoping patreon will help make some space for.

Because I want the time and the space to say ‘oooooo, I wonder what happens if…’

I wonder what happens if we use four colors instead of two.

I wonder what happens if we do this at different widths.

I wonder…I wonder if we can make it bend around a corner, because I’m PRETTY sure I can make it bend around a corner. And how deeply fucking cool would that be at the hem/side of a sweater?

And then I can put the two color version out as a regular pattern like I normally do. But I can also bring some of the results of the ‘I wonder what happens if…’ experiments out for the patreon folks.

Because I can’t be the only one who wants to know what happens as you experiment with this sort of thing. Please tell me some of you want that too…

Yarns are some of Little Skein Anne’s minis in her Targhee Sweater base (in, I think Hudson (darker blue), Moon Snail (lighter blue), Walkies (aqua) and Juniper (bright green)) that she sent me because she’s awesome & apparently knew I’d be needing some yarn crayons!

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