Published On: May 24, 2022

First things first. Poshaste is out today, and it’s 10% off on ravelry and payhip with the code PROMPTLY. ⁠

These are the mitts to match the lovely Forthwith hat from earlier this month (yes, yes I do have far too much fun naming these things, please don’t make me stop). And they have very possibly the most fun thumb I’ve ever knit.

As in, I’ve actually knit four of these (well, two pairs, which generally speaking means four thumbs). I have one laying on my desk beside me as I type this and another actually physically on my hands. And I still find myself going ‘gaaaaaah, how does it do that.’

The answer is actually just ‘paired increases and decreases for a while, then just increases for a while,’ so it’s weirdly rhythmic and meditative and chill to knit, it just looks kinda baffling when it’s done.

Which really, I’m calling that a bonus. It’s cool to realize you can do things that look unspeakably impressive with shockingly little effort!

Once again, the pattern is Posthaste, and you can get it for 10% off with the code PROMPTLY on either ravelry or payhip for the first day or two the pattern is out (or you can buy both the hat and mitt together as a set at a discount, details of that are on the pattern listing page)!


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