Heads up
Published On: May 28, 2022

I want to start sort of gently mentioning that, some time later this summer, I’m going to be making a whole bunch big changes to how I do things. I’m not ready to share all the details yet (I’m actually super excited about a bunch of this, but it is a little overwhelming). But as part of those changes, most of my patterns will be retiring, most permanently.

I’ll be keeping the handful of the most popular of each kind of thing. So like the five or ten most popular hats and the five or ten most popular socks will stick around, but not the alarming number of patterns that I have now. Because having hundreds of patterns isn’t sustainable. It’s simply too much administrative work. And if I have to streamline, I’d much rather keep the the handful of favorites. (Don’t worry, anything hanging out in your rav library or your computer will stay right where it is, just no one else will be able to buy it.) ⁠

I’ll talk a whole bunch more about it as we get closer (which is code for please don’t ask questions about it or make ‘helpful suggestions’ just yet, we’re still at least several weeks out from anything going away, and I will post about it at length before we get there, and getting a bunch of questions now will just stress me out). But I have heard from some folks that they want to have lots of heads up so they can have time to get anything they’d miss, so I wanted to start mentioning it now, so you have time to prepare if you want.⁠

Like I said, I’ll talk more about it once I have all the details sorted out. For now, all I can say is most of the individual patterns are going away and not coming back. But it’s to make room for better things to come!⁠

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