Published On: July 11, 2022

Look, I never said I wasn’t easily amused. I fully admit to being scandalously easily amused.⁠

But also, I have been actually sewing stuff, like with a sewing machine. And that means I’ve been interacting with pins way way way more than anyone really needs to. And it turns out I rather like having a little magnetic pin holder to toss them on as I wrench them from my fabric or harvest them from as I impale said fabric.⁠

And yes, perhaps in an ideal world I’d just by one like a normal person.⁠ But I am not a normal person.⁠ I am a person who can be made significantly happier by knitting a spool of thread to use in this way.⁠

And so here we are.⁠ Because why not do the things that make ourselves happy. ⁠

Yes, there will be a pattern (because some of you are apparently also easily amused), probably in the fall!

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