A very solid plan…
Published On: July 12, 2022

I have a plan. It’s a great plan! But as part of said plan, MOST OF MY EXISTING PATTERNS ARE GOING AWAY FOR GOOD.

I’m working on a post about what comes next, but I’m not ready to share all the details just yet. But I am ready to say I’m taking all my existing patterns down later this month.

Before they go, I’ll do a big sale (later this week, keep an eye out for details in a day or two).

But before I do that, I want to answer a few questions I know will come up. Let’s see how many I can guess.

• Why are you taking your patterns down?

Because I want to do something new! And the administrative work of moving hundreds & hundreds of patterns over to the new thing is overwhelming.

• Are all your patterns going away?

Yes, for a while. When the Shiny New Thing debuts later this year, a handful of my absolute favorites will come back, but most will stay gone. I’ll go from having several hundred patterns available to having several dozen.

• Is there a list of what’s going & what’s staying?

Nope! I’ll start by bringing back my personal favorites & the best sellers then see how long the motivation lasts. But the goal is to have a much, much smaller catalog when this is all done.

• What happens to patterns I’ve already bought?

Nothing! They stay in your rav library unless you delete them. But no one else will be able to buy them once they’re gone.

• Will there still be new patterns?

Yes! This whole change is in large part to let me do more of the kind of pattern I love best. The general idea is that I’ll put out new patterns on rav/payhip like I have been, and I’ll use patreon to share some of the fun variations and extras I so love doing (like how to do a four strand variation of the embroidery on that hat and a way to make the embroidery bend around a corner and that braid).

• What next?

Keep an eye out here for details of the sale later this week, grab anything you’ll be sad to miss out on before it goes, and stay tuned for details about the Shiny New Thing later this summer! I’ll be posting about all of it as it gets closer to ready.

I’m actually super excited about this (you know, when I’m not overwhelmed) & can’t wait to share more!

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