Thank you
Published On: July 18, 2022

I am overwhelmed. The response to the sale has been astonishing. It’s time to do some good. We’re giving $10,000.00 to Mabel Wadsworth, my local abortion provider.

You made this possible.

Full disclosure, I thought I’d go to their website, send it, and share a pic. But the site only lets you do donations up to $1,000, so I wrote to ask what the best way to send it is (processing fees are a bear, the answer may be a check). So I can’t show you it’s done, but I can show you it’s coming!

Now, I want to talk a bit about what happened this weekend.

Because I knew saying “I’m taking my patterns down, most aren’t coming back, let’s do a sale before they go” would sell some patterns. I won’t pretend otherwise.

I was, in fact, counting on it.

Because I’m making massive changes to my business. As part of that, I’m taking away the things I’ve sold to pay my bills for the past 14 years.

That’s scary as hell!

So I figured I’d do a sale. Hopefully I’d sell enough to buy myself the time and space to make the changes I need. And even if I didn’t, I’m lucky to have enough savings, so I can take the risk. Even if it’s scary.

Then you folks showed up.

And you bought a frankly unbelievable number of patterns.

And yeah, that’s fabulous from a practical standpoint. It means I have time to do the new thing without having to worry about bills for a bit. That’s a tremendous relief.

But wow has it also been doing a number on my feelings. Because not only have you bought stuff, but so many of you have said lovely things, either to me directly or to your friends as you share my work.

I’ve been low key sniffling all weekend.

And look, this job is weird. I work for myself, by myself, at home, in rural Maine, in a pandemic. It can feel like I’m sitting here making useless nonsense and hurling it into the void. It gets kinda lonely.

But you all spent the last several days showing me that it’s not useless. And I’m not alone.

You love these things as much as I do. They mean something to you.

If I trust that, it will all work out. And we can do some good.

The sale runs for the rest of the day. You can find the details on my previous post.

And, most sincerely, thank you.

Edit to add:

The folks at Mable Wadsworth got back to me, we were able to make the website behave, and the donation has been sent! Screenshots!





We did this together. You are amazing. Thank you.

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