Last Call!
Published On: July 15, 2022

All my patterns are going away shortly. Most aren’t coming back. Use the code LAST CALL to take 40% off before they’re gone.⁠

Quick version, because I know we’re all frazzled:⁠

• Later this month, I’m taking all my books and patterns down as part of a bunch of changes I’m making to my business.⁠

• Some of them will come back, most won’t, so this is your last chance to get many of them.⁠

• You can use the code LAST CALL to take 40% off anything in my ravelry or payhip shops from now through the end of the day, Monday July 18.

Longer version, because I know someone has questions:⁠

Some time later this summer I’m relaunching the business under a new name (and oh, oh my goodness, I can’t wait to tell you what it is, it’s perfect) and staring a patreon. As part of this process, I’ll be taking down most of my patterns and only bringing back the ones I’m most excited about. ⁠

I’m going from having a few hundred patterns to having a few dozen.⁠

I do not have a list of which ones are coming back, it mostly depends on how much energy I have left after I do all the necessary admin stuff. But my goal is to have a much smaller catalog.⁠

There are a bunch of reasons for this, some logistical (managing a few hundred of anything is daunting to say the least), some are practical (20% of my patterns make up 80% of my sales, so why not focus on them), and some are personal (I like the idea of having a tiny collection of just my very favorite patterns, the ones I’m most proud of). ⁠

But this is happening, and I’m excited about it! That’s why I’m doing all this in the first place, I want to go back to doing what I’m excited about. This is how I do that.⁠

But, before a whole bunch of stuff goes away, I wanted to give everyone a chance to stock up. If there’s something you’ll be sad not to be able to buy later, this is the time to grab it.⁠

(More info on this on these two recent posts if you’re so inclined.)

Recap, because again with the everyone having mush brain thing:

If there’s anything you want to be sure to get before it disappears, now’s the time. Use the code LAST CALL between now and Monday July 18 to take 40% off anything in my ravelry or payhip shops.⁠

Oh, and someone will ask, so the apples are in the pattern Peached!

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