Published On: July 20, 2022

This morning I got up, sat down at my computer, looked at what you all had done overnight, & made a $10,000.00 donation to MaineTransNet, a community based organization supporting trans people in Maine.

You made that happen. You are amazing.

I truly wasn’t expecting this. I figured I’d do a sale to build up a little buffer as I made these changes to my business. But the response has been overwhelming.

You folks made me feel safe. You’ve given me more options. Your support means I have the time and space I need for what comes next.

It seems only fitting to give something back.

So on Monday, we sent ten thousand dollars to a local independent abortion provider. And today we sent ten thousand dollars to a community based organization supporting trans people. Because organizations like this are doing so much good in this world. They’re the ones helping other folks feel safer and giving them more options.

And this seemed like the best way to say thank you for everything you all did!

So with that, the sale is officially done.

I’m going to take a few days to think about what just happened and spend some time getting my thoughts and feelings in order. I’ll put one more post up (probably this weekend) with a wrap up and some more general information.

Then I’ll start taking patterns down early next week. (Someone is bound to ask, so don’t worry, anything you bought stays safely in your ravelry library even after I take it down. No one else can buy them, but they won’t disappear from your ravelry library!)

I’m probably not going to be on line much for a few days. I’m more than a little overwhelmed (in the best possible way), and I think I need to go sit under a tree and look at some moss and not touch a computer or a phone for a while.

But really, thank you. This has been amazing. You folks did a lot of good over these last few days!

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