Which Six
Published On: July 23, 2022

I have a plan! Monday morning, I start taking patterns down. Some time in September, six will return.

It will take me few days to get them all down (I need to do it in a tidy fashion, both so the ravelry pages aren’t a mess and so I don’t lose any information), but I expect to have them all down by midweek. But by the end of the week, I won’t have anything at all for sale on ravelry or payhip.

In August,* I’ll spend a little bit of time introducing the six patterns that are coming back and just generally talking about what comes next. In September,* I’ll launch the shiny new website with these six patterns plus a nifty new one to go with them!

And look, I strongly suspect that just about everyone who feels like they are going to miss any of my patterns has had the chance to get them by now. But I did hear from from a few people that they missed the big sale (because apparently social media is just like that…there’s always someone who doesn’t see an announcement).

So if that’s you, you can use the code WHICH SIX for 25% off everything from now until when I take it down. That works on ravelry or payhip.

And someone out there, right now, is about to ask, so don’t worry. If it’s in your ravelry library, you’ll still have access to it after I take it down! I can’t do anything to the things in your ravelry library (and wouldn’t even if I could).

Just come next week, no one else will be able to buy them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the weekend looking at computer screens as little as possible.

In the meantime, do you think you can guess which six patterns will come back?

* All these dates come with the standard ‘assuming neither I nor my closest people are felled by the plague, undone by a natural disaster, shot at the grocery store, or otherwise sidetracked by some unexpected catastrophe’ disclaimer on there, because the world is like that these days and wow oh wow do things occasionally come along and just mess up your plans. But we should be good, barring any actual disasters!

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