A Good Home
Published On: August 30, 2022

Any chance you have some extra yarn/needles/supplies you want send to a good home? Because I have an idea…

The good folks of MainTransNet (you may remember them from the donation you helped make last month) are setting up a queer youth craft club (details on @mtnyouth’s recent posts).


I reached out to ask if they could use some fiber craft supplies, and they said absolutely! And, since I know more than a few of you have some yarn hanging around that you’d love to find a good home for, I asked if I could share their info and see if anyone else might want to send a few things along. They were kind enough to say yes!

If you want to send yarn or other fiber craft supplies for their queer youth craft club, send them to:

Youth Craft Club
15 Casco St.
Portland, ME. 04101

Now I know actually digging through the stash and putting a box together and getting it in the mail can be a bit of a challenge so, I want to see if I can make it a little easier. I have to sort the details, but I’ll set something up such that the first 25 folks to show me a picture of their package, all taped up and addressed and headed into the mail, get a little treat.

It will ABSOLUTELY take me a day or two to sort out the details (I have to figure out something that’s easy for you and manageable for me, and there are a shocking number of moving pieces).

But while I do that, you can put a package together, snap a picture of it, and drop it in the mail (it’s totally cool to obscure your return address, stick your thumb over it, black it out in the picture, whatever you want, I don’t need to see where you live).

Early next week, I’ll do a follow up post (likely when I get my own package put together) with details about sorting out a little something fun for folks who mailed something! Keep an eye out here (or twitter, or instagram, I’ll talk about it in all three places, so you can do whatever is easiest) for that.

Because really, I know you have some yarn (or needles or hooks or stitch markers or project bags) that you aren’t going to use but that you’d love to see someone else enjoy. And I can’t think of a better thing to do with them!

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