Decisions decisions
Published On: August 31, 2022

I truly cannot decide if I like the big ones or the tiny ones better…


The big ones I made as magnetic pin trays + pattern weights to use as I’m sewing, thus pushing them into the ‘at least theoretically useful’ category. But the tiny ones are just so tiny and cute and perfect, thus landing them in the ‘squeeeee, I love this way too much’ category.

And I mean wow are those just sort of the two categories I’m least able to resist.

The pattern is off with testers now. It will be the first one to come out under the Shiny New Thing, likely in late September. The plan right now is to send it to everyone who signs up for the patreon (though full disclosure, I’m still learning how patreon works, so plans are all subject to change)!

If you want me to tell you when said Shiny New Thing comes out, head over here and put in your email. If you do, you’ll be the first to know when the patreon goes up and when the new website goes live!

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