Round and round
Published On: September 16, 2022

The little spools are all set to come out on Tuesday (standard ‘assuming the malevolent forces that seem to be shaping the timeline do not strike me or my nearest and dearest down with whatever catastrophe they dream up next’ disclaimer goes here, because apparently we need that these days, but the pattern is all ready to go).

This one is going to be exclusive to patreon folks for a while. And anyone who signs up for patreon at any tier before the end of September will get it for free as part of their membership. It will (probably) come out in the regular places in a few months, but I wanted to do a little something fun to kick off the shiny new thing, and this seemed like a good way to start!

You sign up for the patreon or read more about it right here.

And…um…well…I might maybe have something absurdly cute I want to play with with them next week. I’m awaiting the delivery of a few supplies, but I suspect I’ll be sharing those exploits shortly! Though I feel it best to warn you ahead of time that I am easily amused.

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