Published On: September 22, 2022

Remember how I said I might occasionally bring more patterns back if it sounded fun and if I had the bandwidth to pull it off? Well, I’ve had, ahem, several requests to bring these two back out before it gets to feel too much more like Halloween. And while I don’t think I can quite manage both, I’m pretty sure I can get one done for you. The only question is which.

So how about we have a little vote so I don’t have to pick!

Let me know whether you’d rather have Ensorcellment (that’s the pointy hat above) or Concoction (that’s the tiny bottles below) come back (rav links).

You can vote over on patreon (anyone can vote, you don’t have to be subscribed). I’ll leave voting open for a few days, and whichever one wins will come back in early October!

Oh hey…while I’ve got you here, if you’re a US citizen, how about you go check your voter registration or register to vote if you haven’t yet.

We’re fully in the ‘active voter suppression’ stage of our descent into an authoritarian hellscape, and an astonishing number of folks have had their voter registration purged. The only way to find out if you’re one of them is to check your registration.

The two best resources I’ve found to do that are and It takes about three minutes for most folks, and it’s important.

I’m scared of what is happening in this country. We all know the bad guys vote. So you absolutely have to vote too. I’d really appreciate it if you double checked. It would make me less scared.

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