Published On: September 30, 2022

You know that point in a project where you know it’s going to be nifty…you just do…there’s no room for doubt. But the niftiness is not yet quite evident to everyone else?⁠

Think of that point about two inches into the leg of a lacy sock. You can tug on the fabric and see that the stitches are making a pretty pattern. And you can slip it on and pull it up to your ankle and see how well it’s going to fit. And you know quite well that hand knit socks are just inherently a thing of beauty. You can absolutely tell the awesomeness is coming.⁠

But if you showed that short, holey, possibly slightly lumpy tube to a non-knitter and waxed rhapsodic about the incipient delights, they might regard you with a bit of understandable suspicion.⁠ Yeah. That’s where we are here.⁠

I know this is going to be awesome (I mean, there’s going to be A SECRET COMPARTMENT, awesome is inevitable if you have a secret compartment). But you would be forgiven for wondering if my grip on reality is loosening.⁠ It isn’t. At least not any more than usual. But I understand your concern.⁠

Hang in there, your patience will be rewarded soon!

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