Published On: October 1, 2022

Someone, somewhere is wondering if the wee pointy hats are sized for people. So I have enlisted Owlbert here to provide a demonstration (he’ll exact his revenge later).

The hats are tiny and wee and absurd. If you tried to make them people sized, you’d have to build in a whole bunch of structure to make them work and fit and stay in place. It would become an engineering project, not a knitting project. I currently have the brain power, stamina, and general fortitude for a (simple) knitting project, not for an engineering project.

We must know our limitations!

The hat pattern is called Ensorcellment, and it will come back on Tuesday (barring any unforeseen catastrophes as usual). The owl pattern is called Tufted, and it’s already out.

If you want an email when Ensorcellment comes out you can make that happen here. Or you can join the patreon and get it sent to you automatically when it comes out.

Now I believe I have to go say words like ‘fiduciary,’ ‘amortization,’ ‘deliverable,’ or possibly even ‘increase shareholder value’ to remind myself that I am a proper grownup and not an overgrown five year old left alarmingly unsupervised for far too long.

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