Published On: October 25, 2022

So I hesitated before I showed this to you. I really did. Because I know it looks like a crumpled mess at this point.

But I also know it will be ever so much more fetching once it gets a little block. And I’ve truly come to believe that a lot of folks think their knitting isn’t very good when in fact it’s their blocking that is, perhaps, less than polished.

And it’s actually really easy to get better at blocking. Getting better at blocking is about 90% DECIDING TO ACTUALLY BLOCK, 5% getting the fabric both all the way wet and then all the way dry, and 5% technique.

And I suspect showing you just how much of a difference a good block will make on this (again, I fully admit it, not one single person needs to tell me about it, I am fully aware) crumpled mess might help with that ‘deciding to actually block’ bit.



Though a part of me does feel like I’ve been giving that particular speech for quite some time now, so we’ll see…

(Really though, it will get prettier. Can you tell I’m nervous about showing this to you? Because if I show a picture online when it’s not super pretty, then no one clicks/likes/comments on it, then the evil algorithmic overlords lock me in a closet and feed me on bread and water for a few days and don’t show you my other pictures. Then they send me emails about how my engagement is down and would I like to give them money to make them show my pictures to more people, and god that whole setup is just exhausting. But I bet maybe we’re cooler than they think we are and we can work around their nonsense…let’s find out!)

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