Published On: October 24, 2022

Can you knit a baby hat in a day? Well I mean that probably depends a lot on you, the baby hat, and the day if we’re being honest.

But if you happen to manage to set things up such that you’re using lovely fat yarn and a fairly quick pattern and you’re not too bothered about accomplishing much else that day, it’s certainly at least theoretically feasible.

Though my elbow doesn’t really recommend it.

And it’s absolutely for sure going to take longer to dry than it does to knit on a chilly, drizzly late October day in Maine.

But wow oh wow are baby hats just basically the cutest thing ever!

(Ahem…it pains me that I have to say this, but no, I am not pregnant. I am 43, happily childfree, and determined never to procreate. But I’ve also been online long enough to know that even the faintest whiff of tiny knits is too often met with a barrage of intrusive questions. And at this point, any intrusive questions directed at me are likely to be met with anything from a withering look to a torrent of vitriol, depending on my mood, so it seemed best to get that part out of the way up front.)

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