Published On: November 9, 2022

Bookmarked is out, and I’ll answer the most important questions first. Yes, you can open them, yes you can put things in them!

I mean really, I’m not a monster. I wouldn’t give you an adorable little knitted book and not put a secret compartment inside. None of us have the emotional reserves for that right now.

Or maybe it’s just me that’s feeling a little fragile at the moment—feeling a bone-deep longing for things that are safe and secure and secret and cozy. Though really, I suspect I’m not alone. I suspect we could all do with a bit of comfort right now. And, for some reason I cannot begin to explain, much less justify, these are immensely comforting to me.

The knitting is simple, the possibilities for embellishment are endless, and they’re just useful enough that I can almost trick myself into believing they’re practical (even though I know full well I’ll never do anything with them other than love them beyond all reason).

If you want to start your own tiny knitted library, the pattern is out now. Use the code BOOKSHOP for 10% off the pattern for the first few days it’s out!

And if the idea of tracking down the bits and pieces that go inside these seems daunting, Little Skein Anne (the amazing human who dyed the gorgeous yarns I used for this project) has put together fantastic kits that include the pattern and all the bits and pieces you need to make the books! No really, they’re amazing, if you’ve always wanted to make tiny nonsense but didn’t because finding the stuff sounded hard, she’s got you covered. I’m so excited she’s doing this!

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