Gratuitous feelings
Published On: November 10, 2022

Ok can I just be super sappy for a moment? Because you folks are making me so damn happy…These books have a surprising amount of big tender feelings hidden in them. I had the idea for them, um, a long long time ago. Like over two years ago.

I knew I wanted a very particular color palette for them, and I knew Little Skein Anne’s work had exactly the right vibe, so I asked if I could use her yarn, and she very graciously said yes.

And then? Then, well, the last two years happened. And I don’t know about you, but I found the last couple of years kinda challenging. So the pattern took longer than usual to go from ‘I have an idea!’ to ‘the pattern is out.’

And my natural inclination is to think that this means that I am Lazy and A Failure and Not Trying Hard Enough (please note, I do not think that delays in the face of a host of intersecting crises, both personal and global mean anyone else is lazy, but clearly they mean I’m a terrible person, because I should be able to just push through). But throughout it all Anne and I worked together to do this in a way that worked for both without leaving anyone feeling overwhelmed.

And the finished product is so much better as a result!

I’m absolutely delighted that I’m bringing this pattern out now, after the switch to Tiny Nonsense (it feels immodest to say, but I really really love the way the patterns are structured now, and from what I’m hearing, you do too). Anne has put together truly magnificent little kits (and oh by the way, has totally been saying you folks are some of the nicest customers ever, which leaves me absolutely beaming). And the whole thing has just felt…good. Good and sustainable and fair and manageable.

Work should feel like that more often!

And it’s really starting to feel like the big scary changes I’ve made over this year (things like taking down old patterns and launching the patreon and switching to a more manageable pattern release schedule) are starting to come together to make that a reality. So thank you. None of that would have happened without you, and I can’t being to tell you how much I appreciate you making it possible!

Here’s to more good things to come!


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