Flipped a switch
Published On: November 27, 2022

I’ve really had more fun with these than I should admit. No seriously, somehow making the book of them as a patreon perk flipped a switch in my brain.

They’re no longer labeled ‘scandalous waste of time, you should be working, stop being a massive slacker and go do something productive.’ Instead, they’re now labeled ‘totally legit use of your time, officially counts as work, spend as much time on them as you like.’ And yet, somehow, despite the change of label from recreation to work, they’re still tremendous fun.

This is actually kind of what I’d hoped setting up a patreon would do. And I’m just ridiculously thrilled how well it’s working out! No like more thrilled than I can properly explain. I’m feeling so much less overwhelmed (look the last few years have been rough), and I’m so glad you all have helped make this happen!

The book will be going out to patrons at the end of the month (more details, including links to the supplies you’ll want for the sars) over here!

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