All set!
Published On: November 26, 2022

The star book is all set and will be out at the very end of this month!

Patrons at any of the tiers where I send you stuff (so that’s the Utter, Rampant, or Complete Nonsense tiers) will get the book when it comes out. And anyone who is a member at any of those tiers at any point between when the book comes out and the end of January, 2023 will be able to download it for free as part of their membership. (It may be available for sale later, but it will only be available on patreon through at least the end of January.)

We hit our patreon goal (yay, thank you!), so there will be folding instructions for 8 different stars!⁠

If you want to track down the paper and other supplies to have them on hand when the book comes out, I’ve got a post up with links to what I used for mine right over here!

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