Published On: December 1, 2022

So look, I fully acknowledge that I cannot make you do anything. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to even if I could. But I can maybe encourage you to block your knits by showing you what my knits look like before and after blocking.

One picture shows this fresh off the needles, the other after the laziest of lazy blocks. I quite literally left it in the sink for a while (mostly because I forgot it was in there, if I’d wanted to be faster I’d have just squeezed it a few times under water to make sure it was really soaked instead of leaving it to sit while I went about my day), scooped it out, squeezed it in a towel a few times, and laid it flat on the counter to dry.

No stretching. No pinning. No weird props (I’m going to assume you have a towel and somewhere you can set a piece of damp fabric for a few hours and not count those as props).

The active time was maybe, maybe five minutes. I suspect it took me longer to weave in the ends. And I know it was worth it!

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