Order muppet
Published On: December 2, 2022

Ooooh, oh I think I figured out (part of) what I love so much about these. They hit exactly the same neat/tidy/orderly/symmetrical button in my brain that a really good hat crown does (yes, yes in my heart of hearts I am an order muppet, you probably already knew this though).

I mean, I’m kinda wondering if a couple of them couldn’t be hat crowns (with just a little bit of artistic license since yarn and paper don’t behave quite the same way)? That orange one especially wouldn’t be too hard to adapt. I might need one or two of you to talk me out making that happen before I get too many grand ideas.

If you share my need to bring order and structure to chaos, you can totally fill a window these by the end of the weekend (they’re ever so much quicker than knitting)! Head over here for more details (someone is about to ask, so yes, there’s info about and links to the paper and other supplies you need for them there too).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the sudden need to make sure all the books on my bookshelves are lined up perfectly straight (yes, yes I do I keep a yardstick for this on top of the bookcases, where else would I keep it?). We must learn to accept our fundamental natures if we want to be happy in this world.

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