Final round
Published On: December 5, 2022

Final round of the gratuitous encouragement to block your knits!

Ok, full disclosure, this one involved a slightly more complicated procedure than the first two.

The white dots on this have a tendency to sort of sink down into the orange fabric, and I didn’t want them to do that, so I threaded some scrap yarn onto a blunt needle and ran it under the dots before I got the hat wet. Then it went in the sink, got squeezed out in a towel, and set on a bowl to dry. Once it was dry, I pulled the scrap yarn back out.

Is the thing with the scrap yarn a bit…um…persnickety? Ok yes probably. But it only took a few minutes, it made a big difference, and I like being exacting about my knitting. And even if I hadn’t bothered with the scrap yarn, just blocking it like I did the others would make a big difference.

I pretty much never end up regretting the time and attention I put into blocking. It’s always worth it. And like 90% of the time when people say ‘my knitting doesn’t look like yours,’ I find myself wanting to say ‘that’s because you haven’t blocked it yet.’ It really makes all the difference.

So, here ends the lecture. Once again, you are the boss of your knitting, and I can’t make you do anything! But I can sort of quietly suggest you give it a try. I suspect you’ll be glad you did!

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