Drunk on power
Published On: December 4, 2022

So I have this problem. I truly cannot decide if I like these best in colorful paper or in white paper. What do you think?⁠

I’m pretty sure what I actually want is the spiffy special paper in other colors (like can you imagine them in lovely soft blues and purples and teals, how pretty would that be). But I’ve only ever found it in the same ten or eleven colors, and they’re not quite my colors (yes, yes I am unspeakably picky about color, it’s a failing, I realize that). ⁠

I actually reached out to a couple of paper suppliers at various points in the past to see about getting the paper made in custom colors (because really, that has to be possible if you order enough of it, right), but alas, nothing ever came of it.⁠

So for now? For now I go with mix of white ones and colorful ones and daydream about some day being cool enough to get custom paper made (some people want a private plane or fancy cars or a castle, I want to be turned loose in the paper factory, drunk on power and completely free from concerns of practicality or common sense, tastes differ).⁠

If you want to make stars of your own, the star book is out now! ⁠Patrons at the Rampant Nonsense or Utter Nonsense tiers have it already. Anyone who wants to join them can find out more over here (there’s info there about the paper and other supplies I use for them as well).⁠

Now if you’ll excuse me, I might go spend a bit of time seeing if the options for custom paper have changed since the last time I looked.⁠

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