Published On: December 19, 2022

Just a little sneak peek at what’s coming early next year! The pattern for this hat will (probably, you know how I get nervous about casting anything in stone, but probably) be the first new pattern of the new year.

The regular pattern will have instructions for the embroidery as shown here (where each column of embroidery uses two strands of yarn, the ones there are either yellow/gray, yellow/yellow, blue/gray, or blue/blue) and the 6 strand braid shown here. That’s all ready to go as a normal pattern release.

But I’m working on a bonus something or other for patreon with lots of extra embroidery stuff for early next year. The general plan is it will go up a little while after the star book comes down.

The idea is that I’ll go through variations on how to do that embroidery. I’ll probably show some examples of it done at different scale, and then show how to do it with more colors (for sure four, possibly six, you can technically do it with any even number, but it gets unwieldy at a certain point). I might include a few other things (like how to make it bend around a corner and how to do other versions of the fancy braid at the top) too if I get excited.

Because well, I’m sort of hopelessly smitten with embroidering on my knitting. And the whole point of all the changes I made this year was to play with the stuff that feels exciting and have a place to share it. And have a sneaking suspicion this could be a whole thing if I’m not careful!

I’m going to be pretty quiet for the next little while. And I’m going to try to be absolutely completely offline from the 23rd of December through to at least January 3. But I’ll be back in the new year with lots of new plans!

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