We made it
Published On: December 22, 2022

We made it to the solstice! The days start getting longer from here on out*. I’ll be making a few little pretties to celebrate.

And you know how I was saying the other day that I was bummed that the fancy paper for these only came in a really limited range of colors? Yeeeeeeeah…I found some other paper.

Paper in more colors.

Paper in better colors.

Paper in freaking gradients that fill my soul with joy and stave off despair for long enough to make it through one more day.

I do not, alas, have a good generally available source to share. I found it poking around on ebay and paid a staggering amount to have it shipped from Japan. I regret nothing. You’ll be seeing more of it later.

Just a quick reminder that I am going to be Very Offline starting tomorrow and running through January 9, so posting will be sporadic at best for the next little while (nope, nope I did not preschedule regular posts to go up while I’m away because I am just not that important and absolutely nothing bad will happen if the internet has to get along without me for two weeks).

I hope you’re all tucked up somewhere cozy doing whatever makes you feel best this time of year, and that we all come back rested and refreshed in January!

*Yes, yes, I know, on this side of the world. Please for the love of wool do not send me messages lecturing me about how things are different in different places. I promise I know! But I am allowed to experience the seasons as they happen in the place where I am, and would very much appreciate being able to do so without the weird internet lecture vibe if at all possible!

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