Variations 3
Published On: January 4, 2023

Did I plan on admitting right out in public just how easy it is to delight me by…checks notes…providing me with slightly different colors of highly specialized paper and then leaving me alone with a paper cutter and bone folder for a couple hours? ⁠


I mean no. But if you’ve been here for a bit, you’re probably not exactly surprised by this sort of nonsense. ⁠

This (colorful picture) is star D from the book with the bottom folded up at a slightly different point and put together following the wide lines on the assembly guide. The white picture shows the original from the book (and of course the book totally runs through a list of things you can play around with to make your own variations).⁠

I remain imaginary (I’m mostly offline until January 9), but there’s info about the book here.

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