Published On: January 6, 2023

Ok, I have a sweater with holes (one I bought in 2021 and wore constantly and while wrangling knife-tipped kittens, so I’m much less salty about the holes in this one than about the disintegration of the last one), and a stack of delightfully bright embroidery floss. Which means I’ll soon have a sweater with a bunch of decorations instead of a sweater with holes.⁠

I asked folks over on patreon if they wanted to watch me mend this, and the consensus was a resounding yes, so I’ll mostly be showing it off over there, but I suspect it will make an appearance or two here as well!⁠

Anyone else starting the year off by mending things? Somehow it feels…empowering. Like I really love the idea of taking something I’ve used enough that it got a bit rough around the edges and spending some time on it and having it come out better than ever in the end.

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